Passionate About Partnerships

Manna Beverages & Ventures specializes in the beverage manufacturing industry and wants to be your total supply chain partner.

Manna is driven by our personal commitment to be the most respected leader in creating economic benefits and opportunities for our associates, our partners and those who are historically underserved and underrepresented. Our ambition is to be a full-service, networked, strategic supply chain partner for national and regional brand portfolios with commitment to enable entrepreneurs and start-ups.

In pursuing our purpose:

We believe our most valuable asset is our people, and we strive to ensure they are seen, heard and valued through our faith-based and inclusive principles.

Meet Our Team

Derrick Register

Manna Beverages & Ventures

Cloeann Durham

Vice President
Quality, Safety and Environment

Richard Powell

Vice President
Corporate Engineering

Travis Sarich

Vice President
Commercial and Customer

Tony Sousan

Vice President

Remy Spearman

Vice President
Human Resources

John F. Sweeney

Vice President
Supply Chain

Quinton Martin


Greg Sklenar


Reach Us

For more information, contact Manna Beverages & Ventures at [email protected] or by phone at (502) 255-2955.

Top Technology

We link all of our equipment with knowledge-based technology applications that provide transparency and tracking throughout the production, labeling, and packaging processes. When finished products are ready to leave our production facilities, our warehouse and logistics management systems take over to ensure we know where every bottle, can, and carton can be found.

We Take Safety Seriously

MB&V is committed to conducting business in ways that provide all personnel with a safe and healthy work environment. Our ongoing efforts to maintain employee safety include regular safety training sessions. The result is decreasing annual accident rates, with goal of a zero-accident rate.

Green with Sustainability

Throughout the company, we’re working hard to conserve natural resources and minimize our impact on the environment. Bottling within or near destination markets dramatically reduces fuel consumption, trucking time and costs and environmental impact. We’ve also made sure to continually update our facilities with energy-saving equipment and recycle materials and wastewater.

Supplier Code of Conduct

All MB&V suppliers are expected, at a minimum, to comply with applicable laws and regulations as well as our Supplier Code of Conduct. If the Supplier Code of Conduct establishes a higher standard than is required by applicable law, we expect our suppliers to apply the Supplier Code of Conduct.

Manna Beverages & Ventures, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to not initiate, to suspend or to terminate its relationship with a supplier if the supplier refuses to consent to the Supplier Code of Conduct or to take the appropriate steps to come into compliance with the Supplier Code of Conduct.