Beverage Manufacturing Designed for
World-Class Brands

Our Vision

To be the leading total beverage supply chain company and partner to world-class beverage brand owners.

Fueled by Our Vision of
Partnering with the Best

The Manna Beverages & Ventures team has deep combined experience of more than 225 years assisting world-class beverage businesses. 

We’re constantly expanding across the U.S.!

Access to Excellence
Across the Nation

The constantly expanding Manna Beverage Network includes first-class facilities to help your beverage brand grow and succeed. We can co-package everything from ready-to-drink products including juices, carbonated and organic beverages, and non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks to your specifications. Manna also has warehousing and storage options as well as logistics capabilities to help you move your product to your suppliers and retail outlets.

Countdown to Our
Grand Opening

The Manna Beverages & Ventures facility in Montgomery, AL will offer:

  • A comprehensive beverage manufacturing platform producing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • An expansive service model providing beverage packing, can sleeve printing and decorating, variety packaging, warehousing, distribution, and aluminum can brokerage services
  • Production capabilities to produce cold-filled, hot-filled, tunnel pasteurized, retort and aseptic products, with packaging formats in cans, PET, tetra, and glass
  • Research and development capabilities to facilitate product development and testing
  • Cultural beverage venture fund owner focused on women and minority entrepreneurs

As a trusted supply chain partner, Manna Beverages & Ventures allows brands of all sizes to outsource production and packaging while minimizing their carbon footprint.